Monday, November 19, 2007

Mobile Email Posting

This my 2nd time for my mobile email posting wkk2. Just wanna know if it is work well for my next class meeting. But now i'm using my yahoomail, & still working on photo attachment, since i haven't found any button on my tiny E65 screen hehe. My first email posting was using the email my E65, now i'm composing this email posting on nokia browser. Anyone has suggestion? ^_^

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Little cute baby ‘Android’ ??

Android comes from ‘andr’ means human, and ‘eides’ means a species called eides. Sounds like a monster creature…or robot, huh? But what is Android for technology?
Android is an open operating system for mobile phone.
Hmmm… yes you right!!! It’s Linux based… and it’s free to develop for certain platform, as for personal cell phone, network, and other potential users. Who will make it possible? Google ! That giant internet company will soon launch a Google Phone with Android operating system.
It is said to be the most powerful system to build a web social networking for cell phone.
So if we can run Linux on PC, then can Android run on previous cell phone with Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm, or Blackberry operating system?
The answer is NO!
So we have to buy Android cell phone…that would be Google Phone!
Anyway, Google and Linux has the same ideology, right? FREE services.
Oops..what ‘bout Symbian, Windows Mobile, Palm, and Blackberry?
We’ll see at mid 2008 later when Google Phone arrive… cu there!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Joe & Lulu thanks to 4G

Can it be real? Yes of course. If 4G technology has been relesead, then all devices will have their own IP address. The technology called IPV6. For example, cell phone can be connected with printer with IP address, and we can print anything through that connection. Time and place don't matter!! even you're in Indonesia you can directly print anything with a printer located at Africa or another place all around the world!
Welcome 4G technology!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

mobile email posting

Yup, this is my 1st email posting!
simply call my pic 'autumn at surabaya'.
i post it directly from my nokia E 65

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Me @ Multimedia Bethany Nginden

Just another sunday at Multimedia Bethany Nginden :)

My Students' Blog

For today's class, my students will submit their Blog URL to this post's comment.
And we will try the mobile versions also.

PR Consultant Strategy & MMS live reporting

I give my students a big surprise for their mid-test! wakakakakakaka.....
They have to submit their test using their cell phone...
There are two parts, first is to submit their answer at my webpage, of course using their cell phone,
and the second is to send an MMS to my email..
The cases is about PR Consultant Strategy and MMS live reporting on the spot about technology's lifestyle at Petra Christian University Actually...i'm quite nervous about this test, coz this is my first time for this one of a kind test at my campus :p
Wanna know the result?
See it at my research page: